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    GreenON PC G10

    • No.: GAir 01
    • Brand : GREENON
    • Weight: 650g

    * With card reader, MircroSD card reader up to 128GB, access photos, Capacity upgradeable! * Support external USB hard drives, small form factor with large storage!

    1. Detailed information

    GREENON Energy Saving Mini PC

    Experiencing energy-saving lightweight mini PC!


    * With card reader, MircroSD card reader up to 128GB, access photos, Capacity upgradeable!

    * Support external USB hard drives, small form factor with large storage!

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    簡約迷你的個人辦公電腦Simple。Mini。Personal PC

    GREENON PC G10 the mini size and lightest weight, most compacted computer,

    fully support the needs of business word processing, equipped with Intel quad-core CPU,

    Windows 10 32bit operating system, supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop,

    Illustrator and documents, graphics software applications etc.




     Small and powerful, Excellent connectivity

    Has a comprehensive function, only 182g, easy connected to TV with HDMI cable, ready to use.

    You can enjoy watching Youtube online, access photos from memory card, checking FB and

    brings the latest complete the desktop applications into the living room, GREENON Win10 mini-computer, is your best choice.


    The child's first computer

    Digital age learning, intuitive simple installation, enjoy large screen,

    GREENON PC is an excellent choice for children’s computer learning experience.

    The latest Windows 10 operating system which support all kinds of game experience,

    built-in Intel HD Graphic seventh-generation display technology, enjoy playing games with unlimited imagination!

    The child's first computer


    Green energy, energy saving and low noise

    GGREENON PC meet your computer’s needs, low power consumption, without noise during operation,

    provide optimum balance in environmental protection and performance, create a new user experience:

    A very energy-efficient mini computer.

    Green energy, energy saving and low noise

    New video advertisement applications

    If there is a device which can playing store commercials, corporate introduction video all day,

    it should be the most economical and efficient way introduction the store to public!

    GREENON computer is the one with its own monitor and monitor stand;

    it can easily create a unique advertising program with your own idea.

    HDMI output interface, support for HD, 4K high-definition video playback,

    meet the requirements of power saving and machine efficiency,

    it also can do product promotions, corporate image advertising broadcasting 24 hours a day.



    Easy installation, Ready to use

    GREENON PC has built-in Windows 10 operating system through keyboard and mouse,

    It connects with a display device (TV, computer screen, projector, etc.) via an HDMI cable

    for audio and video output, operate based on your own needs.

    GREENONPCProduct interface


    Easy installation, ready to use




    Brand Name:GREENON Energy Saving Mini PC




    Dimensions/Weight:108x83x17(mm) / 182g


    GREENON PC Website:


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